All You Need to Know about Online Teaching – A Short and Handy Guide

Most of us somehow still relate academics to the traditional classrooms where the teacher is delivering his/her lecture standing on the podium and an array of students sitting behind their desks. But since the internet has come in, teaching had turned into videos which students could stream any time they wanted to. The flow of information was, however, unidirectional and all these demanded a change. Enter the new form of online teaching where the experience is no less real than the old-school classrooms and are sometimes even better.

This a guide for all those out there who are still skeptical about online teaching. The post will explain what is happening in K 12 Online Schooling and how it is the future of academics. Where teachers teach, how students learn and so on.

How does online teaching take place?

In online teaching, professors teach their students over a Learning Management System or LMS. The technology involves a database where a teacher can upload all the study materials available and a student can access them by simply logging into their online accounts. Such systems come with live video features, chat options, external media linking options and much more.

Interaction is something that the LMS has replicated perfectly from the outside world. All the live video features come with live commenting options. Even, there are group video options where a teacher can interact face to face with his/her students and the whole process can be like a normal classroom. LMS is designed to be used by all and the best ones do not come filled with technical jargons.

Why is K 12 Online Schooling the right option for teachers?

It gives you freedom as a teacher. In an online classroom, no one checks your qualification as long as you are teaching the right thing. You don’t need a Ph.D. to teach masters students or a bachelor’s degree to teach school students. Plus, you can take classes from almost anywhere, be it your house or the café.

And to top it all, you can have students from around the globe. You are not restricted by the demands of your locality and impart your knowledge to any number of students worldwide. You can easily communicate via email or chat boxes and international boundaries are never a hindrance.

Is K 12 Online Schooling easier than traditional teaching?

It is and simply because you have more scope to make the process fun. LMS comes with games and puzzles which you can include during your teaching sessions. Also, you can share links to YouTube videos or Tumblr posts that are relevant to the topic you are teaching. Such software also allows you to add sliders, presentations, videos or media during a live feed.

These are out of the box teaching methods that keep your students engaged. You have the flexibility to choose your teaching technique and opt for whatever works best for a particular class. Online teaching makes the classes more interactive and students tend to connect more.

So, get hold of an LMS, design your course and get into online teaching. Catch up with the rising trend and reach your students where they are spending most of their time – online. Upgrade your methods and be the best around.